We oppose the formulation of Pernicious Publication Standard for the purpose of reduced taxation as well as the adoption of Publishing Ethics Code

 The Alliance of Independent Authors in Japan (https://www.aiajp.org/) is a non-profit organization devoted to the innovative and free publishing activities, which utilize the digital network technology, for all people involved in publishing, including authors and readers.

 Our organization agrees with the proclamation by the Shuppan Koho Center, in which the publishing industry demands “the reduction of consumer tax rate on all publications.” However, there are reports of a movement within the industry to form a third-party committee in order to establish a standard for so-called “pernicious” publications. This Publication Ethics Code will likely be attached to the publications with reduced tax rate, with an oversight by a non-government administration. Since there is a possibility that this leads to a willful expansion of the areas considered pernicious, crippling the freedom of publication guaranteed by law, we adamantly oppose this movement.

November 12, 2018
Alliance of Independent Authors in Japan
Ryo Takano, Chairman

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